Why do people snore?

In the majority of cases snoring occurs by vibrations of the soft tissue at the back of the throat and neck. While we are asleep our airway narrows as the throat muscles and respiratory tissues relax, this is why we make the sound we call snoring. All evidence suggests that left untreated snoring will get worse over time as it can damage blood vessels supplying the muscles of the throat. Left untreated snoring and loss of sleep can contribute to further health problems.

Normal breathing diagram
Normal breathing
Snoring diagram
Snoring - Partial obstruction of the airway

Why Do We Snore?


As we get older we begin to lose muscle tone in our neck and throat. When this happens it can restrict air flow through your throat and causes the loose flesh to rattle and this is snoring. The older we get the worse it is likely to be.


Weight can be a major factor in snoring. Being overweight, and in particular around your neck, will increase snoring. According to the NHS people with a neck circumference of 17 inches or more will snore much more.

Sleeping Position

Although we can’t control the position we sleep at night there are things that can contribute to snoring. Lying on your back will encourage snoring and make snoring worse. Try and sleep on your side with your nose in the "sniffing the air position" as this will help maintain an open air way and discourage snoring.

Alcohol, Smoking, Medication and life style

Anything that helps your body relax will contribute to snoring. So any pain relief, medication, alcohol or eating a large meal will encourage snoring. Also eating nearer you bed time will make it worse. Alcohol and smoking long term will weaken muscles in the throat which will contribute to making the problem worse.

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