Holiday Tips For Snorers

Summer is well a truly in full swing, isn’t it just the most optimistic time of year? The season is full of promise, carefree days and highly anticipated summer holidays abroad. Not all of us share this optimistic view of the summer as it can be hellish sharing a room with a snorer at home and on holiday. If you’re on a jet set countdown and feeling anxious about sleeping arrangements then perhaps our blog on Holiday Tips For Snorers will be of help.

Stay cool

When booking your holiday accommodation, be sure to check that your room has good ventilation.  A stuffy, hot and dry room isn’t the ideal place to drift off easily. Additionally, nasal congestion can cause snoring, and these conditions are only made worse if the air in your room is too dry. Hot dry air can further irritate your nasal passages – this irritation can also cause snoring to intensify.

Drink moderately

When on holiday we recommend you enjoy yourself but drink moderately. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in the throat, and makes snoring more likely. Keep your alcohol consumption moderateand drink no closer than three hours before bedtimeto avoid having alcohol interfere with your sleep and increase your risk of snoring.

Be active

Keeping active on holiday will not only boost your mood but it will aid drifting off naturally at night-time. Mix up your sunbathing sessions with regular walks and swimming. Aerobic exercises use large muscle groups to move at a steady, rhythmic pace. This type of exercise works your heart and lungs, improving their endurance. This helps your body use oxygen more efficiently and will help reduce snoring.

Trial Snorewizard

If snoring is causing problems for you or your partner, try Snorewizard before you go on holiday to see if it works for you. We are so confident that Snorewizardwill workwe offer a no-questions-asked 30 day money-back guarantee.The Snorewizard mouthpiece is a simple and effective mandibular advancement device which has been designed and made in the UK. Snoring is caused by vibrations of the soft tissue at the back of the throat and neck and, once in the mouth, the Snorewizard moves the lower jaw slightly forward which opens up the airway at the back of the throat, reducing and in most cases stopping the vibration.Unlike the boil to fit mandibular advancement devices the Snorewizard comes ready to use.

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