The top 3 best summer holiday destinations for over 50s

While we slowly adjust to the clocks changing and we enjoy our lighter mornings, we’re turning our focus to the promise of sandy beaches, carefree days and an escape from the rat race this summer. We decided to research the best summer holiday destinations for over 50s, to make life a little easier for our readers when the time comes to book that all-important holiday. As many as 30% of people aged thirty and older snore regularly, and this increases with age, with 40% of middle aged people complaining of snoring issues. We believe nothing should get in the way of enjoying a holiday, even bothersome snoring!

The Canary Islands

The promise of year-round sun is often the reason so many Britons flock to the Canaries each year – not only that – the small group of islands also boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you choose Tenerife with its bountiful lush landscape, Gran Canariafor its seemingly never-ending swathe of sand dunes, Lanzarote for its volcanic sceneryor the less crowded Fuerteventura for a quieter but by no means less stunning getaway, The Canaries deliver thehassle-free beach holiday over 50s are looking for.


The pretty historic towns and villages of Croatia have seen a recent upsurge in popularity for those who are seeking out history, culture and some of the best seafood the world has on offer. Enjoy rugged coastline walks in Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik or indulge in the rustic charm of islands Korcula, Rab and Brac. Flights times are short which is ideal for those whofind sitting for long periods of time difficult. In a mere 2 hour and 30 minutes, you can be sipping wine over-looking a glorious Croatian sunset in next to no time. 


Ifa Caribbean paradise is more your flavour then the stunning shores of Barbados will certainly deliver. Picture-perfect shorelines, exotic Bajan cuisine and rum flavoured cocktails are all on the menu in Barbados. Enjoy a slower-paced way of life on the beach or delve into the rainforest or coral reefs for a more action-packed adventure. Be as social or shy as you want in Barbados, you make the rules.

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